Greg Hovanesian is a 24 year old just trying to find his way through life while living in Allston, MA, a section of Boston.  He is an employee of WGBH Educational Foundation, Boston’s premier public broadcasting station.

He grew up in the city of Somerville, which borders the Charlestown section of Boston,Cambridge, Arlington, and Medford, and attended Somerville High School.  In high school he played football for two years, wrestled for two, and ran spring track for three years. 

He attended the University of Vermont in the town of Burlington, Vermont.  He has a younger sister still in college, hangs out with parents on Sundays, and had a dog named Teddy growing up.

He enjoys living in the city, but also enjoys the outdoors.  He enjoys telemark skiiing, fly-fishing, hiking, and other activities of the same mind.

He enjoys professional sports and has a soft spot for gossip; he loves eating fast food on roadtrips, but besides that, tries to abstain.  He enjoys long walks on the beach, or the Charles River.  His first job was being a paper boy for the Boston Globe, for which he earned a $5,000 scholarship.  He lives to read books but doesn’t really have the time, so he settles for magazines instead.  He subsribes to The Economist (cause the Brits do the news right) and Mental_Floss (cause its the best damn magaizine in the world), and will soon be subcribing to Radar, which is US Weekly with a little testosterone added.  He doesn’t understand why Boston bars don’t stay open later, and gets salty about it from time to time.  He plays on a softball team at Trum Field in Somerville; stop by sometime in early May.  He thinks Kevin Federline is an alright guy, except for the ditching his kids for Britney Spears thing.

He favorite meal is Ziti with meat sauce.  His favorite desert is coffee frozen yogurt with Oreo cookies added from J.P. Licks (sorry to all the Ben Jerry’s employees I know).  His favorite fruit are rasberries, but finds them ridicously expensive. 

He starts to feel wierd righting about himself in the second person for prolonged periods.  He wants you to read his blog…..and be his friend. 

He enjoys watching movies, and hates it when people talk during good scenes, or act disinterested.  He always hates it when people talk during Simpons episodes…this should not be done.

He really likes music of all kinds, even some country, as long as it is Johnny Cash, or like-minded.  He thinks Garth Brooks sucks (sorry Todd). 

He loves to watch Blue Planet on the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet.  He thinks Modern Marvels on the History Channel is one of the most informative damn shows ever; he also likes American Eats on Sunday mornings. 

He nevers misses The Soup, a show on E about the previous week’s top gossip, hosted by the immortal Joel McHale.  He reads Bill Simmons on Espn.com, and also frequents Deadspin.com and Withleather.com for cool sports info.

He plans to continually update the about me section.  He doesn’t know how to end it gracefully. 



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