Adult Swim chaos re-visited; some other stuff

February 3, 2007 at 11:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Hey Everyone,

How’s it going? Well, things have calmed down here in Boston; the last time I wrote everything, it felt like the world was gonna end. Honestly, looking back, it was a really goofy period of time. I’d like to comment on my previous blog, and recind on a couple of statements. In my fired up state (honestly, I couldn’t help it, I had been listening to about an hour and a half worth of angry radio callers, and I had been watching live police press conferences), I think I made the statement that the items in question looked like “freaking bombs.” I’d just to like say, I don’t think they look like freaking bombs. In fact, they don’t look like bombs at all. That being said, I don’t see the insane reaction as being totally unwarranted. Were things blown out of proportion?: without a doubt. But did the Boston Police Force do a good job by taking all precautions neccesary?: I think so.

I think this whole situation brings up a larger issue, which seems to be that there is a major breach in communication between certain parts of our community. The way I read it in the papers the next day, a T worker saw the object, thought it looked funny, and reported it. He didn’t think it was a big deal, and was surprised by the reaction: the authorities did think it was a big deal. As the day went on, more of these mysterious glowing objects turned up in ominous spots around the city: now, lets pause the story here. As soon as it was discovered that these were all identical objects, something should have clicked with someone. I’m not saying that the authorities involved should have been familiar with this show, leading to the hoax being averted; I’m saying that someone should have been sent to an office with a copy of what the object looked like and a mission: find out what the hell these things were.

Instead, authorities didn’t let anyone see the objects, which I is guess is probably standard when dealing with potential terrorist devices. It just seems funny to me that if someone had said, “Oh wait a minute, let me fax this over to my buddy Greg, he might have an idea,” I would have received the fax and replied that it was the little punk alien from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. And I don’t even watch the show: I watch the network, but its one of my least favorite shows in the line-up. I guess my point is that there were a lot of people around Boston who knew what these things were.

On the same hand, you really can’t ever be too safe these days dealing with terrorist plots and shady objects: just look at the plots that have been foiled in England. So I think its safe to say: Boston overreacted, but this is not too unwarranted these days.

Before I leave it alone forever, just a couple things: One of my roomates brought up the point that she was upset that CNN, owned by parent company Turner Broadcasting, had tremendous ratings all day due to this sensational story, of which they were essentially the cause. Hmmm. Can anyone say, conspiracy theory??

Also, I just want to say a few things about the clowns who put these things up: I was really starting to feel sorry for these guys: no criminal records, just doing their jobs and trying to make a quick $300 bucks. Well, I don’t feel sorry for them anymore. Are you kidding me with that press conference? I mean, look: people are pretty sensitive these days. This point is proven by what happened in Boston the other day. And sure, it seemed obvious to them that it was blown out of proportion. Fine. But when you’re held in captivity by a bunch of people who are really pissed off at you, and don’t really like you, there are a couple of rules to follow: act polite, always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ and definitely don’t, under any circumstances, have a fake press conference where you secretly promote a new TV show and make everyone involved feel like idiots. I don’t think they’ll do jail time (I don’t think they should), but I think they should be careful about what they say to who, especially the guy who’s seeking political aslyum from Belarus at this moment.

Okay, I’m done with that. Honestly, I hope we all are (except Mayor Menino, the more angry quotes, the better. Go Mumbles!!) But I do want to follow up on what I wrote about the Gilmore Girls the other night: one of my coworkers, after reading my blog, informed me that the head writer is actually a guy. He used to write with his wife as a tag-team effort. I was convinced there were no males involved in the writing. Whatever; he’s no guy I would hang around with. In my view, that means he’s not a guy.

Now, to move on to the big game tommorrow: honestly, as soon as the Pats were knocked out of the playoffs, I lost interest in the Super Bowl. Kind of snotty, huh? Thats what happens when your team wins three Super Bowls. But I’m not even sure if it was wholly that. Last year, I was secretly relieved that the Pats didn’t make it: I don’t care how many Super Bowls your team wins (kind of a funny statement) every SB is just as stressful as the last. Honestly, as a diehard fan, its a lot of work to watch your team go all the way: and after two years of that, I wasn’t sure if I could make it through another playoffs (I’m sure I could have). But this year, I was ready for the Pats to make the run again, and when they lost the way they did, I just kind of lost the desire to watch the Super Bowl.

But something odd happened in the last few days: I’ve been bitten by the Super Bowl bug. I haven’t been watching any football specials on TV, haven’t been listening to much sports radio, haven’t been making frequent stops to Maybe thats why: maybe the sensory overload was sort of killing my desire. But its wierd: I was walking home from work the other day and thought “Damn, I really can’t wait for the Super Bowl.” I’m really pretty pumped. And I have to say, I’m rooting for the Colts. I want to see Peyton Manning win the big one, for a few reasons: first, it gives the Colts more credibility, for all the times we’ve whupped ’em in the past; it gives Peyton more credibility, which will make the NFL a more interesting place; and most importantly, I’ll never have to feel bad (not that I ever would) when the Pats whup ’em in the future. Also, I really kind of like Peyton Manning: at this point, I just want the guy to win it and get it over with. Then we won’t have to deal with awkward Dan Marino comparisons in the future when both guys are in the same room.

Another thing I’m really looking forward too: the Super Bowl ads. Back before the Pats were odds favorites to be in the Super Bowl, this was really my favorite part. I mean, honestly, most Super Bowls were pretty awful games before 2000, when all of the sudden, they got entertaining. Once the Pats started making Super Bowls, the ads were forgotten: this period of time was simply used for re-grouping mentally and catching your breath. Last year I sort of watched them, but I was in between two bars and couldn’t really catch them. This year, I’m ready. Its gonna be just like the old days. In fact, I might even record them all on paper and pick my favorites. All I know is: I’m ready.

One final thing: the big news in the sports world yesterday, if you want to call it big news, is that Brett Favre will not be retiring: he will be returning to the Green Bay Packers for his seventeenth year. Now, I’m not one to criticize guys out loud for not retiring when they should: honestly, I think it sounds pompous. But this time, I’m going to open my mouth: Brett Favre is hurting the future Green Bay Packers by doing this. He has more than plateaued: he crashed back to the ground about three seasons ago. Look, I like Brett Favre: I just don’t know what he has to prove here. If he comes back, and starts again, he’s essentially wasting a first round pick from two years ago, Aaron Rodgers. As long as Rodgers sits on the bench and doesn’t get game experience in this league, the worse his odds become at ever becoming successful. He needs experience. And Favre is not allowing him this. If I was the coach of Green Bay, I would bench Favre, not to serve a message, but because as a football team, I believe the best path is with the young gun. I told one of my friends this two seasons ago, and we got into a little tiff about it: he’s a Green Bay fan, and thought I was a moron for thinking this. I respect his argument, but I think this is the problem: people love Favre so much in Green Bay, they’ll mutiny if he doesn’t start. I mean, can you imagine Favre sitting on the sidelines with a headset and a clipboard? No, neither can I. It will not happen unless he is injured, which shouldn’t be overlooked: in NFL years he’s about 98, and the elderly tend to be more injury prone.

I guess my main problem with the decision is the lack of sense: I mean, what does Favre need? He’s got a Super Bowl ring, numerous MVPs, and he’s definitely a Hall of Famer. Again, I don’t mean to tell a guy when to retire. But in this case, he is setting back the Green Bay organization.

Everyone have a safe weekend. Greg


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